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Valentine Cheese and Chocolate Platter

My Valentine's tribute. A tasting of cheddars and wine and chocolates that should make your palate go ZING.

Cheshire Appleby is, according to the Cowgirl Creamery Library of Cheese, one of the oldest recipes for cheddar, dating back to the 12th century Romans. It's crumbly and pleasant, mild.

Hook's Ten-Year Cheddar is made by college sweethearts in Wisconsin. It's sharp, rich, deep orange, and perhaps the best cheddar I've ever tasted.

Beehive's Old Joe's Cajun Cheddar is zesty. A white cheddar with spices around the perimeter giving eat morsel a bite.

Belton Farms Oak Smoked Cheddar is rich in flavor and history. The smokiness adds a particularly distinct taste. The farm is located in Shropshire, England.

Tickler Cheddar is the whitest cheese. It is made from Devon milk in Taw Valley, Cheshire, England. Its forty-pound blocks are aged a full 18 months, during which the tangy taste develops. It has a smooth, creamy texture and a lemony finish.

And for the chocolate, I stayed with dark chocolates, to give every bite a fair tasting.

Ghirardelli 60%, deep, rich.

Hershey's dark chocolate, softer, mellow.

Lindt's 70%, deep in color, almost dry and tart to the taste.

Dove chocolates, pretty in their wrappers, delicious and one of my favorites.

Godiva 60%, the smoothest, creamiest of the bunch.

For the white wine, I served up Talbott Farms: Kali Hart (from the Monterey Valley in California). It is a delicious chardonnay. Rich, with hints of citrus, and a fruit forward (as the vintners say) aroma.

For the red wine, I chose Estancia Pinot Noir. It's a soft, smoky pinot that doesn't overpower either of our delicacies. Hints of berries, vanilla and plum.

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